A philosophical treatise on the metrics of societal success.

I just came back from holiday at the Croatian sea. Nobody there… ghastly. Ripe for unperturbed exploration.

Rt Kamenjak

I went there with my co-workers… have you heard of team-building? It’s a thing we do in liberal western countries, meant to encourage cohesiveness of a team and to lift the spirit of collaboration.

Certainly helps… the monotony of daily task-smashing can leave one uninspired to keep reaching goals in the absence of human connection and meaning. …

How contrived scientific consensus in the post 2020 era will spur a new class of enlightened orthodox minority.

This essay aims at two things: a well meaning critique aimed at a certain Blockchain think tank and an exploration of nuance in the world of orthodox thinking.

I am someone who tends to invoke a significant cognitive dissonance in regard to orthodoxy, as i hope to demonstrate through my belief system and very brief life story. I have no great desire to offer my ‘opinion’ (opinions are weak), but the general societal confusion is compelling me to respond. For clarity’s sake…

Some things matter more than mere novelty. We need functioning systems, not the most brilliantly conceived ones.

Talking about what can go wrong when government control gets out of hand get very old very fast, i know. But look at the UK recently, under Tori govt:

I’m just an ordinary sage who is irked because half the world doesn’t seem to understand tyranny, having never heard of such a thing. Too young to care is a beautiful drug.

I have said; we don’t hear many innovators within the Blockchain space mentioning what kind of world we are leaving to our…

I am reading an interesting 1997 paper from Maurer School of Law. It is so interesting to see legal opinions from the pre-crypto days.

We need millennial lawyers to have these conversations and inherit the keys of legislature. I have no doubt: millennial lawyers are one of the most influential people today. If they don’t understand and advocate for cryptocurrencies then we are living a pipe dream thinking what a great thing crypto is. It might be great, we’ll see.

Sifers, Randall W. (1997) “Regulating Electronic Money in Small-Value Payment Systems: Telecommunications Law as a Regulatory Model,” Federal Communications Law…

Or how to parse what matters in a world of legalistic bloat.

Someone on a telegram group i frequent shared an informative article on AMLD5 and it’s importance today. Cute article but somewhat missing the philosophical density of the issue which naturally, you would expect me to point out.

Btw… hardstyle music > psytrance. Hardstyle much better footwear. Let’s continue.

I’ve been compelled by the telegram group to packet my thoughts into ‘big blocks’ and thus ameliorate spam-like verbosity. Big blocks (blog) enables me to put in more transactions (verbosity) before posting it on the blockchain (telegram feed). …

How to become a grand architect of ancient shit-posting. A prophetic essay (by Dark)

There is much to be dismayed about, young one. We have not seen the half of it.

The young one rants, shitposting thus on the world wide webz:

‘’. yeah … but 99% of people still ignore preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle blindly following diseased ways being advertised … o.o

so … insane … its almost like a psychopathic nightmare phase on this plane of existence

slow death of gullible people

actually mostly everyone being the right hand of evil working on their own to contribute to it

ok i’m very pessimistic maybe’

— — Brorrior, wwwbz, feb2020 ‘’


A lot of talk on how an autonomous, ‘tribal’ societies of self sustaining elves off the grid could actually be done in any success.

I met and spoke with such a group of elves yesterday, people given to the ideal of self sustainability and natural living. Highly liberal and in the same breath ‘salt of the earth’ people. These people, as well as i, want to live in a ‘karmically’ neutral stance. Which means doing no harm to animal or nature in it’s highest conclusion. …

Or is it? I have tried learning as much as i can on this topic ever since i read Jaron Lanier’s work.

So after about a year of thinking about the idea, i decided that payable content is the way forward. Jaron Lanier kinda persuaded me towards this idea of a payable internet as more viable than the free content, open for all libertarian version of the internet that i previously believed in. It just makes sense to me now, especially seeing what internet has become today.

So what i expect to see in the future is real pricing information…

I had a discussion on a certain decentralized governance chat group recently. Turns out that new models of governance for organizations that are augmented by powerful technology (in our case, Blockchain) are really hard to communicate and get right.

All the talk about DAO in the online space is getting more and more cumbersome with passing years, with people often getting aggravated in their tracks. By now, we’ve kind of sorted some wheat from the chaff in terms of what passes for a constructive debate regarding dgov matters, but i fear that some crucial conversations may get obscured and forgotten…


Musician, writer, libertarian philosopher and gun enthusiast.

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