My DAO use case — Censorship resistant Healthcare system

List of suspected missing or killed naturopaths

As a systems builder though, i do not like the thought of any future scenario in which we do not have systems in place which can support a community of people who are ostracized from society for choosing to live a certain way.

I happen to believe that hippies should have the freedom to live their lives any way they choose. But what i see increasing instead is a squeezing down of any alternative paradigm. ‘You can’t camp here, can’t burn a fire here, can’t have waste water there… and God forbid that your children are NOT going to state schools! Child abuse! You are depriving a child of ‘education’ for his future!’ … Perhaps. Their motives may be good, although misguided.

We build because it is a humanistic impulse of an illumined species to build highly functioning systems.

Because technology is a means of improving the functionality of society. Because we still believe in objective morality, and that what is ‘good’ is worth doing. At least i believe this. And i am building parallel systems on my own, seeking collaboration because it turns out that recreating something like healthcare in light of highest first principles of healthcare is a big job. We need infrastructure (platform) to pull it off.



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Musician, writer, libertarian philosopher and gun enthusiast.