My DAO use case — Censorship resistant Healthcare system

Some things matter more than mere novelty. We need functioning systems, not the most brilliantly conceived ones.

Talking about what can go wrong when government control gets out of hand get very old very fast, i know. But look at the UK recently, under Tori govt:

I’m just an ordinary sage who is irked because half the world doesn’t seem to understand tyranny, having never heard of such a thing. Too young to care is a beautiful drug.

I have said; we don’t hear many innovators within the Blockchain space mentioning what kind of world we are leaving to our children. Maybe we are an inherently childless generation with no intention of innovating such that we leave behind systems for the next generation of wiz kids. If this happens it’s okay too, don’t get me wrong. Maybe we are fated to decline from prosperity. I am NOT a nervous conspiratist, and i advise others to not be also when faced with civilizational type decline.

All is well, the world is beautiful. I mean it, respected reader. Breathe the fresh air of the Alps. Let’s continue.

Because in my view, no society has a foundation worthy of mention if it is not child friendly. Let me repeat that in effect: I don’t care about hippies getting along in a dead end commune, what i care about is that the community has systems in place which can support having children. No children — no community, unless by community we mean a project of reclusive adults who will be forgotten by history as they too pass.

Child-ready social architecture — … it means there has to be healthcare in place. Food production autonomy, education autonomy, avenues for subduing forces of nature (technology) with the freedom to pursue human purpose and scientific ingenuity… all things we take for granted in our current systems of relative comfort under central planning. When was the last time you heard of an autonomous community which had all these in place?

Turns out it’s hard to develop these systems group up, especially without governance. Healthcare in particular is hard for me to conceive on my own.

_I am writing this to spark intrigue around these things in the crypto realm. I want to see us so capable that we can design better infrastructure models, just to see what we come up with. At the same time i want to warn people as softly as i can, sort of a wake up call that evil exists in this world.

What can i say.. i am a watcher of injustice in this world. It is common instinct of the historian/philosopher. I cannot let injustice get away with it, compartment it away. There are things in this world which i have found if left unchecked may lead to certain ruin. Is that soft enough of a prophecy?

Government backed institutions with rights over our children’s bodies. That’s the one that really gets me. But most will not entertain my fringe narrative. And i will not entertain your inhibitory scientism.

I cannot turn a blind eye to children forced into indoctrination and mandatory medical interventions lobbied by fucking Bayer. This kinda means war to some concerned citizens, and i am not bending the knee to receive coin nor Tesla.

So healthcare. Let’s just say i have scrutinized, and found medical practices today to be grossly misguided. I envision to create a parallel system of healthcare under the guidance of master healers still existing today. Turns out i can’t do that. Because… laws. Most Crypto enthusiasts understand by now that we cannot simply unroll a parallel decentralized banking system. But few know that we are also not allowed to create a parallel healthcare system.

Sages like myself are severely inhibited from practicing any kind of alternative medicine in the public arena. Maybe it’s for the best, right? Don’t want internet peeps ‘healing’ ppl with prana right. But perhaps true sages possess the keys of health in arcane manuscripts non utilized? I can get imprisoned for practicing a non-state-approved method of medicine. I can’t even call it medicine. I can’t call it cure.

If a patient dies after an intervention i might suggest i am very liable to roast. If a patient gets healed by something i suggested, he or she better not talk about it with their state doctor. This is not the focal point of this essay but suffice it to mention that many a prominent naturopath has either been imprisoned or gone missing in the past decade alone. I smell malice and it’s time to raise up sage portals. And we need systems by which we can fight back against this dark force of unnature.

I hope AragonDAO is listening; to review my proposed DAO use case.

People like me are called quacks, discredited before given audience. I may well be a quack, but i might also be a resilience facilitator because i will have actually devoted my time and resources to building parallel systems of sustainability.

Sustainability being the key word here as a parallel health care system cannot exist without a parallel food production system, with semi-autonomous food factories which produce the highest quality food man is able to produce. Not this junk of today. The healthcare system of the future is heavily focused on preventative steps while the intervention model of today more closely resembles a business model. Sell poison → sell cure.

Conspiracy alert; What i do not wish to see in the future is the following scenario:

Post 2027, If any citizen wishes to bring in their child to the hospital, by law, that child will be obligated to receive a nano chip, implanted as easily as taking a pill. Let’s leave out why the nano chip is for.. use your imagination.

Any parent that refuses to have their child tagged might be legally banned from public health services. It’s okay though… let’s not panic. The good state hospitals are simply too deluded to see the truth. All i am suggesting here then is that sages develop parallel healthcare systems as a safety net for the dejected ‘jewry’ of the future.

A sub class of people who are ‘not part of the social contract’ Those ‘un-chipped ones, the dirty ones, the dangerous ones.’

It’s okay… it is the right of the human-ran state apparatus to see us as rats. Freedom of thought and speech applies to our good overlord censors likewise. I am not countering their right to see me as scum of the earth.

As a systems builder though, i do not like the thought of any future scenario in which we do not have systems in place which can support a community of people who are ostracized from society for choosing to live a certain way.

I happen to believe that hippies should have the freedom to live their lives any way they choose. But what i see increasing instead is a squeezing down of any alternative paradigm. ‘You can’t camp here, can’t burn a fire here, can’t have waste water there… and God forbid that your children are NOT going to state schools! Child abuse! You are depriving a child of ‘education’ for his future!’ … Perhaps. Their motives may be good, although misguided.

I could go deep into the ways in which our personal sovereignty is being slowly strangled. // ppz dont care // People think our current systems are just great. We have great health care, don’t we? (in EU). As long as you have insurance, a state issued ID card, you are good… you don’t have to take ANY responsibility for your health. The good doctor will take care of you AND your children. So it’s easy to manage a pregnancy today… the good doctor will take care of everything, with a smile and cherry on top.

Even if i say ‘Orwellian’, people don’t read Orwell anymore so the reference makes no impact. Why should we fight for anything? We live in an age of Postmodern relativism after all. We have state systems in place… why struggle to be a parallel systems builder?

My answer is that we build systems because we are integral thinkers (Ken Wilbert reference)

We build because it is a humanistic impulse of an illumined species to build highly functioning systems.

Because technology is a means of improving the functionality of society. Because we still believe in objective morality, and that what is ‘good’ is worth doing. At least i believe this. And i am building parallel systems on my own, seeking collaboration because it turns out that recreating something like healthcare in light of highest first principles of healthcare is a big job. We need infrastructure (platform) to pull it off.

- An infrastructure which is censorship resistant and globally available.

- An infrastructure which enables willing agents to employ themselves without asking.

- An infrastructure which enables access to the best vetted information on real healthcare without being sold snake oil.

- An infrastructure that uses advanced databases to filter relevant topics with ease while retaining versioning immutability, and a marketplace model for people to contribute to such databases, incentivized to be honest and trustworthy by a metric of pseudonymous social reputation.

Thus i hope that Aragon (chosen at random, they really seem like the chain who genuinely care about deep societal issues) might recognize the justified utility of Blockchain for this fringe dystopian use case.

To preserve the corpus of health information (scientific and alternative) currently on the internet for future generations. For all to see, open sourced, immutable, and modified by a strong community of fiery custodians who improve upon the scope and functionality of the alternative medical corpus for centuries to come.

I envision a future where healthcare is an independent ‘entity’ that cannot easily be usurped and bastardized. And what i mean by entity very much resembles a DAO. Should we not at least try to build a better world for the future? This also includes a healthcare architecture existing on a resilient chain.

Musician, writer, libertarian philosopher and gun enthusiast.